Consistent placement of image, text and graphical elements ensures a cohesive brand identity. When creating materials, use grids to organize information and define position, space and text size to establish a hierarchy. Margins enable a readable experience in information-dense materials.

Use following elements to create a layout:

  1. pattern
  2. logo
  3. header
  4. title
  5. visuals: images, graphics
  6. text content

The pattern with the logo is used as a branding element on backrgound or on one edge.

A4 document cover layout example

Presentation layout example

The pattern and logo are used as a branding element on the left edge, with room for titles and detailed information.

Extra information

Use a rectangle to add any extra information – date, volume, topic, theme. Page number is in a black square and single numbers start with zero, eg 03. Use uppercase text style inside the box.

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