Our brand, our identity

The world around us is busy and colorful. All this variety is based on a structure, an underlying network of data-points that both describe and cause the condition we observe as the universe. These data-points give us the ability to track and extrapolate, to examine and explain the world, and the processes in it.

The logo symbol consists of nine, regularly distributed data points and Eesti Statistika logo wordmark.

These nine data points are representing the data behind everything and are connected to the grid behind it.

The logo symbol is also connected to the Unified Identity System of the Government of Estonia, by keeping the same proportions of the coat of arms and hinting that the State is, in its most basic form, data.

To ensure that the independent and unbiased analysis is abundantly clear, the identity is not a by-product of the State system, but rather a comment on it, or an x-ray look into it.

All materials under Eesti Statistika follow these core beliefs:

  1. relevance
  2. accuracy
  3. timeliness
  4. availabilty
  5. comparability
  6. clarity
  7. neutrality

The graphic identity consists of a logo system, a backgound grid, a typography system, a color system,
an illustration and iconographic style, an infographic style, a photographic style. These and other elements are made to help analyse and explain the data behind the variety in the world, and inspire others to look into them with the same dedication.